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Do you use gel when inserting Cytotec?

  1. 0 At our hospital, we've been told not to use any gel at all when inserting Cytotec because it can coat the pill and prevent it from dissolving. Now some of the nurses are saying this is not true and it's okay to use the water-soluble vag exam gel during insertion. I know sometimes the mother is REALLY dry and it makes it difficult. When I encounter that, I will sometimes squirt a bit of normal saline on my fingers to aid in insertion.

    Just wondering what other hospitals do.
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    We try to use no gel or minimal gel. I sometimes use a little NS on the pill itself to help the break down process. I've never thought to use it as lubricant.
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    RNs don't insert Cytotec in my state, but I've never seen the docs use lubricant, either vaginally or rectally.
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    This is what our policy says: "Using a small amount of lubricant, insert 25mcg (1/4 [one-quarter] of a 100mcg TABLET) of misoprostol tablet into the posterior vaginal fornix. Minimize the amount of lubricant on the tablet. Document the time and misoprostol dosage administered."

    I guess its ok to use a small amount. I don't have any evidence based research on it though.
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    Thankfully - we omly use it retally for severe bleeding - no gel
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    nurses and MD's use gel where I work
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    Yes we use gel.
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    Yes, but not the regular stuff. We use Acid Jelly. I guess I should add that RN's don't insert in our state either, we assist the Residents.
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    we are instructed not to use gel but we have access to handy applicators that make it much easier. I stick the pill in the tip of the applicator, put a drop or two of a vinegar/h2o solution on it and insert.