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For those of you that have had specific questions related you your schooling, please post them here. And use this area to share experiences with other students. Best of luck with your training.:balloons:... Read More

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    We often have nursing students work as Care Assistants with us.They gain confidence in the 'basics' and also get a greater insight into working with the elderly and the problems of the elderly such as Dementia etc.

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    Would any of the posters know what universities/school in the UK are open about taking foreign (european) exchange students for a semester? I'm looking for options because I would like to do one semestre abroad, get in contact with a different culture, and english is a language I have some ease with - unlike french, for instance, or czech. However no one at my uni has gone on an exchange program to england, at least in the nursing course! Ours is a 4 year degree and I know there are quite a lot of differences already (I learnt how to do venipucture and start IV's on my first year, for instance, and after 4 years of uni training with placements every year in different clinical areas, we come out as generalist nurses) but I'd still like to try and go to the UK. Mainly because of the language and the fact that I have friends there, but also because england was the birthplace of Florence Nightingale, and what could be more symbolic than doing clinicals at the St. Thomas Hospital, for instance?

    If anyone can give suggestions of universities/schools who may be willing to accept exchange students, please let me know!

    Oh, I'm portuguese, studying at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem São João de Deus - University of Évora.
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    Good Luck in your classes!
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    Varda, I don't know about exchange programmes, but I seem to remember hearing that South Bank University did clinical placements at St Thomas'.
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    Varda, I would suggest contacting universities in the areas you want to live and discuss with them the possibility of an exchange
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    I'm a nursing student just finishing up my 1st year. I've managed to land a bank HCA job at a private hospital as the trust I train with doesn't take on students until their 2nd year. I'm finding juggling uni and my personal life really hard but I'm working hard to get through the training. Can't believe the 1st year is almost over!!

    For anyone just about to start their training, know that there will be lots of ups and downs. You'll feel like quiting at least once or twice a week, it's totally normal. The time will go quickly, just focus on the tasks at hand (there is so much of it) and don't worry about tomorrow's challenges until tomorrow.

    Best of luck to everyone training. You're doing a better job than you realise.

    Take care
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    Thank you, Silverdragon and MandaAnda. Aparently all I have to do is give the name of the uni/school to the international office of my uni, and they'll look into everything for me. I'm tempted to apply for King's College's Florence Nightingale school of nursing, but it's almost certain that they get the most requests from all over europe.. May be a bit hard.

    I also hear somewhere that british universities were accepting only professor mobility programs, and not student mobility programs (such as Erasmus, which is the european university students mobility program). I hope that's not the case.

    The alternative is going to Belgium, but my knowledge of french is quite dire (je ne parle pas français is about the only thing I can say anymore ) and I'd probably have to learn flemmish as well!

    In any case, I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.
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    Cambridge might be good as well, if you look into big hospitals/colleges.

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    There are plenty of good universities in the UK and I went to Huddersfield for a couple courses that seemed OK and I know Leeds are attached to some excellent hospitals like St James
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    hi everyone!

    i plan to take a post grad degree.can you suggest any university/ college in UK which has link up to hospitals/home care..

    thank you.

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