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  1. 0 Hi i was just wondering could anyone tell me of some recent nursing issues in the uk? . Also could anyone give me a brief on the francis report ?? id be really appreciative as im trying to prepare for interviews and dont really know what to be looking for in relation to these questions which may come up . thank you
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    You might get more appropriate responses if you go to the yellow band at the top of this page, choose "World" and then a UK forum.
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    Moved to the UK forum

    May help if you tell us what sort of job interview it is?
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    It may be helpful for you to give us some insight into what you already understand, what job have you applied for

    The Francis report is huge, and had massive implications for UK health care so I would suggest you read it out at least the executive summary
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    ill go to the uk forum thank you
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    This is in the UK forum
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    Im not sure if Im allowed to link other websites here, if it is against rule, admin pls delete

    for current up to date information about UK nursing I'd suggest UK's own nursing forums/ magazines. E.g. Nursing Standard and also Nursing Times I visit them fairly regularly for the latest developments.