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SickSister has 3 years experience and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. SickSister

    nursing media issues

    Im not sure if Im allowed to link other websites here, if it is against rule, admin pls delete :) @mgleeson94 for current up to date information about UK nursing I'd suggest UK's own nursing forums/ magazines. E.g. Nursing Standard and also Nursing Times I visit them fairly regularly for the latest developments.
  2. SickSister

    Reality Orientation for hallucinations/delusions?

    There are already couple of good answers. I just want to add that, the patients shouldnt be encouraged to talk about their delusions -unless in a therapeutic setting- on ward usually say to the patients you believe them, but you cant see what they are seeing.Then try to distract and talk about topics that has nothing to do with their hallu/delusions. If they insists talking about it, ask what would help them, also you could offer them medication, if the things they seeing/hearing scares them. Hope this helps :)
  3. SickSister

    This is nursing - RCN

    Indeed very nice.
  4. SickSister

    Psychiatric Nurse working with Police

    Hi Umberlee, why you getting a pay cut, surely this ACT job sounds so much more dangerous, you should be getting paid actually more for the dangers you putting yourself into. I cant comment how it is to work alongside police, but I do have to deal with police at least once a week, as we get lots of acute patients and at weekend lots of drunks.

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