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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the years of both being interviewed and interviewing I have built up a stockpile of questions and... Read More

  1. by   rhythm4jane
    Thanks sharrie..Yes,for those who are qualified, they would start on a band 3 and then upon completion of the ONP,their salay would increase to band 5..I'll keep you posted..
  2. by   Gracefulmic
    Hello Sharrie!
    I am a recent graduate and after months of rejected applications I not only have an interview, but an interview for my dream position as a staff nurse in a neuro trauma icu step-down (required to get into this hospital's neuro trauma icu) In order to set myself apart from the other recent grads in my area I obtained my ACLS and PALS certifications, which I believe is why I was offered the interview.

    I need advice on how to handle one area of the interview- my transcripts. I went to a highly competitive, 12 month BSN program and finished just 'average' on the grading scale but was given countless clinical excellence referrals. How can I address my grades (lower than my program's average due to poor test taking) and promote the clinical excellence referrals?

    And since this is a specialty area are there any specific topics I should look into prior to the interview?

    Thank you to you, and any other Nurse Guru, that can help calm my nerves and ace the interview!
  3. by   XB9S
    For a band 7 I would expect you to be up to date on the latest government drives and policies for the area you are working in. Not sure which area of the UK you are in so this may vary from place to place. I know we have big drives at the moment for quality care, cancer targets and elective surgery waiting times.

    I would also ask a band 7 to give a presentation, if you are asked for presentations here are some tips:

    Your presentation:

    If your being asked about improving quality then they are thinking about clinical governance issues. You can tailor your presentation around the core elements of the clinical governance umbrella. (You'll never go far wrong using CG as a basis for presentations is it's all about quality care)

    So maybe start with an audit to establish the extent of the problem, involving staff in this as involvement early on is more likely to give a positive outcome. (Reference some Change Management theories if needed)

    Then in CG you've got education and training, risk management and lots of other elements that could fill your presentation.

    Remember reduced blame culture, so is the problem a problem with individuals in which case are there professional development issues, and you can mention KSF, personal development reviews in there. Or is it an organisational problem, is it as a result of other issues such as high workload leaving not enough time, skill mix, staffing levels

    Important things to remember are the interviewers won't want death by power point so have a few slides with bullet points on, busy slides with lots of information are not helpful so keep the information on the slides to a minimum. Then don't just read from the slides, know your stuff and talk to your audience, exactly the same as if you are teaching maintaining eye contact and speaking to them rather than reading from your notes. This demonstrates that you know what your talking and will be able to discuss it as well.
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  4. by   XB9S
    Hi Gracie, because I'm based in the UK I'm not quite sure how interviews in the US run. We wouldn't ask for transcripts at interview.

    Maybe you could post your question in one of the general nursing forums. There are lots of US nurses who have heaps of experience on the site who can give you some good advice
  5. by   pjpj
    I have applied for an ACN position and the interview is only for ten minutes....What do you think they could possibly ask in that short amount of time?
  6. by   dottydora
    Hi, I'm a first time poster on here. I have an interview for a community palliative care team leader post in just over a week. I already work for the organisation so I will know those on the interview panel. I have a 10 minute presentation to deliver and I'm ok (ish) with the topic - challenges for community palliative care team over next 10 years, and how to address them. I am worried about the style of presentation. Do you think I should use powerpoint? I've never given a presentation for a job before (despite being at band 7 already). I think I would struggle to deliver a presentation without power point as I can't just stand there and talk without some safety blanket. Also, if anyone has any ideas for the content I'd be grateful. It would be really nice if my presentation could be more orignial and creative than the others! Thanks in advance. J.
  7. by   XB9S
    Hi Dora, it's always good to be familiar with power point for these presentations but what you don't want to do is end up being so nervous and losing the message in your presentation.

    What other method would you use to put your presentation across, bear in mind that not all units would have OHP's any more so it's worth checking what they have available.

    It may be good to be a bit more inventive with your presentation, use flip charts if they have them available.

    The most important thing is to relax and be yourself
  8. by   XB9S
    Quote from pjpj
    I have applied for an ACN position and the interview is only for ten minutes....What do you think they could possibly ask in that short amount of time?
    hi Pipi not sure what an ACN is but the typical questions are why are you suited for the job, what can you offer, your good and bad points, what is it that attracts you to this job
  9. by   dottydora
    Thanks Sharrie,

    I'm very familiar with power point and will probably cope better using power point than I would with a flip chart I guess. I'm working with a power point document at the moment and I suppose I'll have to use it but I just wanted to be a bit more original. I accept that if I try to be more original and completely lose the plot due to nerves then it will be a disater. Thanks for your quick reply!
  10. by   XB9S
    Your very welcome, did you have anything particular in mind. I am sure the interviewers would appreciate something difference but not at the expense of your nerves I guess. But if you prepare and are confident then a different approach would definitely work.

    Not sure what the topic of your presentation is but how about using case studies to support your discussions
  11. by   dottydora
    Thanks Sharrie.

    The topic is:

    What do you believe are the challenges facing the community palliative care service over the next decade, and what proposals might you make to address them?

    I've brainstormed and have loads of ideas, particularly about the challenges, and to a lesser degree for the solutions. It's just establishing how I can present it without just giving them a boring powerpoint presentation. After all, they will know all the answers already! And it's a little more scary because I know them all.

    I'm not sure how I could incorporate a case study into that but if you can offer any further tips I'd be grateful. Thank you. DD.
  12. by   noreenl
    May I just give you a word of advice from a friend's tough experience? She was to do a presentation as part of the interview process and she created a beautiful powerpoint presentation. the only problem was the equipment failed and they allowed her to come back but it was stress she didn't need to deal with!! She said if she mever had to do something like this again, she was going to have printed color copies in her bag ready to pull otu in case of equipment failure!!! it also would show you are ready for anything and can roll with the punches!!!! Good Luck!!!!!
  13. by   melcooper19
    Hi Sharrie

    I have read all your threads and blogs about interview technique and have found them very beneficial. I was just wondering if you would take a look at my situation and give me some ideas for presentation and interview questions. I have been working on a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit for 6 years as a band 5, I now have an interview for a band 6. My presentation question is What impact does the expansion of beds have on the band 6 and 7 team? I also have extended roles such as retrieving patients from district hospitals and clinical liaison role in Blood Transfusion including audit, clinical assessment and education. How can I push these roles? I would appreciate any help!!! Thanks