Khan Academy for free study

  1. Khan Academy is a free website with pretty good lessons on chemistry, A&P, math...
    I've been out of school for quite a while, never took chemistry, hardly took any sciences, so I was worried about having to take lower-level classes I don't need.
    I haven't enrolled into any nursing program yet, but I think what's on there might be helpful for nursing students.
    I've been going through their algebra assessment so I can test out having to take it before taking science classes.
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  3. by   nanillest
    I love it. It is really helping me study math for my entrance exam. My admissions advisor told me about this site, but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I plan on letting my kids practice on it too. Thanks again.
  4. by   msufan3710
    Khan academy is a great resource for basic review of certain topics. I actually direct the students I teach to Khan Academy if my explanations still go over their head and the books we used had too much detail for them to start off with.