1. Would "Ineffective Health Maintenance" be considered a physiological or a psychosocial dx? Also could you tell me why for either.
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    Someone please help me
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    Quote from mariaberry19
    Would "Ineffective Health Maintenance" be considered a physiological or a psychosocial dx? Also could you tell me why for either.
    I am a pre-nursing student and I do not know the answer, but I do know there are lots of helpful people on here. However, they like to see that you have done some research in an attempted to find the answer on your own...maybe if you will elaborate and explain you though process thus far, and why you are stumped, someone will help...
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    I would think it would depend. Is the "Ineffective health maintenance" related to say, dementia If the patient is incapable of managing their healthcare because they are chronically confused I would think this would be a physiological problem. If the patient has IHM because they don't have insurance and can't afford their meds or treatments I would consider that psychosocial.
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    Nursing diagnosis – INEFFECTIVE HEALTH MAINTENANCE | Nursing Diagnosis for Nurses and BSN students

    According to this it looks like most of the behaviors are psychosocial according to NANDA. Perhaps that is the preferred answer. Though there are also related factors like "diminished gross/fine motor skills" which is physiological. I guess we need a little more information on what your instructor is looking for.
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    Well think about it. WHY are they not maintaining their health? Are they too depressed to care or are they physical incapable of doing it because of a limitation? One is psychosocial and the other is physical.
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    What do you think? Now that a lot of folks have helpfully answered your homework question for you, can you tell us where you looked for answers before you asked here for them, and what you thought about it?

    See, in a lot of questions like this your faculty is looking for insights into how your thinking as a nurse is developing. It almost doesn't matter which answer you take in a question like this; it matters that you did the research yourself, gave it some critical thought, and developed your own way of saying it to convince others. That's really the point of this assignment. Looking beyond the obvious, going from "what's the only correct answer?" to "what's going on here, and why?" is a skill nurses need every day; that's the point here.
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    What so you think? start the dialog so that I know how to best allow then to use your developing critical thinking skills....you have been given a great start..now tell us what you think.

    My friend GrTea is right.....