Trouble with ventrogluteal injection site

  1. Hello, we are learning the ventrogluteal site, and I just do not understand how to locate it. We are told to first locate the greater trochanter but to me it all just feels the same, or is hard to feel/find with touch. And then you would point near the top of the hip, also using mostly touch to locate? I know its stupid but its something I could use a few tips on if possible :grn:
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    It helps if you have a skeletal model to work with at first. That way you can actually visualize what you are supposed to be feeling. Basically you put your palm over the greater trochanter with your thumb pointing towards the patients groin. Place your index finger on the anterior superior illiac spine and your middle finger on the illiac crest. The base of the V between your index finger and your middle finger is where you insert your needle.

    Here are a couple anatomic images, but I suggest working on a skeletal model first.

  4. by   jackometer
    To add to ScottE's fantastic post... make sure the patient is laying on their side with the top leg bent. This way the greater trochanter really sticks out and is easily palpable. And once you locate where you want to inject the med, be sure to palpate to make sure there's muscle. I know it doesn't feel like a lot of muscle, but it's there! Good luck
  5. by   BacktotheBeach
    If you have a very skinny person in your lab, it is easiest to find the greater trochanter on them, my teenage son was perfect for this. Seems like once you find it on skinnier people, it's easier to find it on everyone. Also, if they are not "skinny" you really have to push kind of hard to find it, I think!
  6. by   kids
    Visuals for multiple IM injection sites (unfortunately some of the best visuals come from 'squicky' websites):

    Has videos:

    Good info here:,00.html
  7. by   AgentBeast
    Oh dear god don't do step 8 from the steroid website. It'll burn like hell.
  8. by   Pneumothorax
    this sounds corny but this is how i learned it...

    put your palm on the greater trochanter, aim the thumb towards the peepee, pinky towards the crack. index finger on or pointing towards the ASIS. in between your middle & index finger is the site.

    it works for me