The Theorist Martha Rogers

  1. Good evening! what was Martha Rogers nursing goals?
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    Is there anyone online?
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    Have you conducted a search using an internet search engine such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing to research your question and obtain a satisfactory answer?
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    What have you found out on your own already, before you ask someone here to do your homework for you?
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    We are happy to help with homework but we will not do it for you. What have you found out? What has your research revealed to you? Being able to research and investigate problems is a skill that nurses use everyday for we may not know the answer to everything but we know where to find it.

    Marsha Roberts
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    goodmorning everyone! i did do alot of research on Martha rogers goals but i only found 2 main ones... are there other sites you can link me too that may have a better outline of her nursing?
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    Nursing Theory - Roger's Theory of Unitary Human Beings

    Science of Unitary Human Beings

    Rogers' theory is known as the Science of Unitary Human Beings. Its primary tenets include the following:

    • Nursing is both a science and art; the uniqueness of nursing, like that of any other science, lies in the phenomenon central to its focus.
    • Nurses long established concern with the people and the world they live is in a natural forerunner of an organized abstract system encompassing people and the environments.
    • The irreducible nature of individuals is different from the sum of the parts.
    • The integralness of people and the environment that coordinate with a multidimensional universe of open systems points to a new paradigm: the identity of nursing as a science.
    • The purpose of nurses is to promote health and well being for all persons wherever they are.
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    My fundamentals textbook has some information on Martha Rogers. Did you check your textbook? It is under the "nursing theory and research" chapter. It says that her theory is "The science of unitary human beings focuses on the betterment of human kind through new and innovative modalities. Maintaining an environment free of negative energy is important"
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    OK, now we've done this student's homework and research for him/her, including identifying easily-found websites. Do you really believe that s/he "did alot <sic> of research on Martha rogers <sic> goals but only found 2 main ones" but can't say what they were? Come on, man...
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    Picked Martha Rogers for a presentation to teach for my graduate class....wanted to kill myself!

    Actually, finding information (that is understandable and basic) is very difficult on this theorist. Fawcett has a book which breaks down all of the theorists and their framework(which is also very difficult to understand)

    Rogers wanted nurses to obtain maximum education, and be able to use all of their skills and abilities in their careers. She was truly a visionary who used pure science (physics) as a basis for many of her theories. A major theme was Energy of self and the Universe.

    The few things listed by any RN here doesn't even scratch the surface to understand and explain this theorist. She was before her time and her theories have spawned many others.

    Good luck to the OP...

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    Maisey...that was funny......
    Picked Martha Rogers for a presentation to teach for my graduate class....wanted to kill myself!
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    What would Martha do?