Staying power of nurses, whats your secret? - page 2

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Hi! I am in my 2nd week of my program and my N100 teacher asked us today to research about what qualities nurses have that have stayed in the field. She explained to us that the first six months after graduation are crucial to... Read More

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    I hope this link works, I saw this awhile ago on the Anderson Cooper site but had to find it on YouTube. It's the nurse (36 yrs of service) that rescued babies from NY hospital during hurricane Sandy. Absolutely amazing. THE EPITOME OF TEAMWORK! Just like you all have said. I really hope this works let me know if it doesn't.

    My favorite part is when he asks her what she was thinking and she calmly says 'the next step and the next step' there was no panic to her, just keeping that baby alive was the only thing she was thinking about.

    Nurses are amazing individuals.
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