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Greetings. Attached are 12 Word documents which I made when I took pharmacology. All the information was based on the ATI study guide since that constituted the final exam in our class. They are formatted as 3x5 cards and... Read More

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    this is great! i just posted the below question in another thread, as i wasn't sure how to start studying, and i think this may have helped. thanks for sharing! this is fabulous! let me know if any of you have other tips as well.

    "i want to self study but don't specifically know what to memorize. when i look at drug books there are lots of categories under each drug name. i'm guessing we have to know trade names, generic names, uses, interactions, for example, but what else should we focus on?

    i have a pharm book but looking at it makes my eyes cross. :spin: i found this video that seemed to help but i'm not sure if she includes all categories to study for each drug or class. thoughts?

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    Thanks a lot for rock!
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    I'm presently studying for the CEN exam and have been creating some more study materials... both written and audio.

    When/if they reach a sufficient level of quality, I may post them for the benefit of the group.

    I know this sounds silly, but the strokes from expressions of thanks and the "kudos" button provide motivation to share.
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    Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to be taking the Pharm ATI at the end of the spring semester and these will be so helpful in studying. I also shared them with my classmates.

    Thank you again!!!
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    Wow, these are incredible, thank you so much for sharing them! I'm starting Pharmacology in a few weeks for Spring semester, and I can tell these are going to be a lifesaver!
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    Thank You SO MUCH! I'm studying for the NCLEX and these are great!
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    Wow, you know you are awesome, right?!?!?!? These are FABULOUS!

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    Wow, how kind of you! I start pharm in 2 weeks and these will be so helpful!
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    Consistency, diligence, and repetition are the key.

    Capture those few free moments... standing at the gas pump, walking to class, waiting for the teacher... there are lots of small blocks of time which can really add up.

    I hope they're effective for you.
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    Just absolutely brrilliant!


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