Pathophysiology/ A & P/ Microbiology/ Fluid & Electrolyte Resources

  1. Here are the Patho guides that I promised to put up awhile ago. Just right click on the link, and "save as." These were tailored to how my instructor taught the class, and what we were expected to know. They are a combo of lecture notes, notes from my book and additional info & graphics to help understand...I focused on these for the tests and got a high A in the class.

    Good luck, and hope these help someone!

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    Glad they can help someone else!

    If anyone else also wanted the links to the Pharmacology study guides as well, (I put these up in a previous post a few months ago), they are located here: (right-click link, "save as")


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    another great resource

    pathophysiology cheat sheets
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    Interactive website for anatomy and physiology:
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    free article from rnweb:

    restoring electrolyte balance
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    I'm only 2 weeks into my last year of nursing school and I'm already ready to pull my hair out ~ what I haven't already lost from stress anyway j/k test on fluids & electrolytes is coming up and I just can't figure out a way to remember everything. I keep getting stuck on certain parts and I feel a little dumb today Any advice on how to study for this or any helpful websites, tools, etc. would really make my day! BTW ~ I've been at clinicals since 5am this morning and I feel a little bit like a zombie! :trout:
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    hi here are 2 site,
    dont worry this is the hardest subject in nursing, to me it was.
    hope they help.......... good luck
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    Make charts or lists to help explain this information and clarify this information for you.
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    I agree with Daytonight, making a chart helps so much! Another thing to remember is think of the actual physiology going on when you have an imbalance rather than just memorizing symptoms of each. If you just memorize your sure to forget but if you know what they do in for your body you can figure out most of the signs and symptoms and causes.
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    Have attached some of my lecture notes from F & E. Hope this helps
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    Have also attached some of my lecture notes/ study guides from my "Fluids" lecture
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