OB Question -What is "nadir" in regards to fetal monitoring strips?

  1. Hello everyone, I just started OB this semester and would like to know what is the definition of "nadir" in regards to fetal monitoring strips and NOT chemotherapy? Every time I search it online, it states solely for chemo, but that's not what I'm looking for; and my clinical instructor couldn't explain to our group either, but said she'll look into it. If you can explain to me like I'm 4 years old, I'd appreciate it!

    Also, I wouldn't mind someone's simpler explanation of deceleration types and any references you have that may help. Thank you much!
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    Nadir is the lowest point after the onset of an early/late deceleration and variable.

    We used VEAL CHOP

    V- Variable C- Cord compression
    E- Early H- Head compression
    A- Acceleration O- Okay
    L- Late P- Placenta insufficiency

    This thread has a lot of good information as well: Felat accelerations, decelerations, variable help
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    You will find this article helpful......Interpretation of the Electronic Fetal Heart Rate During Labor
    Interpretation of the Electronic Fetal Heart Rate During Labor - May 1, 1999 - American Family Physician
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    The definition of nadir applies to many situations:


       [ney-der, ney-deer] Show IPA
    noun1.Astronomy . the point on the celestial sphere directly beneath a given position or observer and diametrically opposite thezenith.

    2.Astrology . the point of a horoscope opposite the midheaven:the cusp of the fourth house.

    3.the lowest point; point of greatest adversity or despair.

    In chemistries, it's the lowest point; in antibiotic monitoring, it's the lowest blood level (pre-dose)l in psych, it's the point the patient feels the worst.... you get the picture.