Nursing diagnosis on appendectomy.

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    need help on actual and potential nursing diagnosis on appendectomy.
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    Quote from Greggy
    need help on actual and potential nursing diagnosis on appendectomy.

    What about "Impaired Skin Integrity or Risk for Infection"
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    Pain R/T tissue trauma
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    Acute Pain r/t surgical incision
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    here you go, hope this helps:

    *acute pain r/t surigcal incision
    *risk for infection r/t perforation/rupture of appendix, surgical incision, peritonitis
    *activity intolerance r/t pain, surgical procedure
    *anxiety r/t change in health status, hospital environment
    *imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements r/t anorexia, nausea ,vomiting, decreased peristalsis
    *risk for constipation r/t decreased activity, anesthesia, decreased food or fluid intake, pain meds
    *risk for ineffective tissue perfusion: peripheral r/t decreased coughing, decreased deep breathing
    *urinary retention r/t anesthesia
    *disturbed sleep pattern r/t pain, unfamiliar surroundings

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    what are some PCs related to appendectomy
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    Quote from leemo814
    what are some PCs related to appendectomy
    What are PCs? I don't recognize this abbreviation.
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    PC collaborative problem/ potential complication . Thanks Leemo814
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    Complications of an appendectomy are
    • infection
      • local or general peritonitis
      • abscess
    • paralytic ileus
    • intestinal obstruction
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    hey guys thanx for the great tips although i originally didn't post the question!

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