NG/G-tube administration videos?

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    Does anyone know where I can watch videos to practice this skill? I failed medication administration through a g-tube and need to retest on monday or I fail clinical..Help please?

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    Try you tube. lots of vids on their about ng tube.
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    Not sure where to find this, but be aware that an NG and a G -tube are two completely different things. The NG goes thru the nare, and the G is accessed through the abdomen.
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    are you referring to my post?
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    yeah i love youtube. I knew i was giving meds via NG tube so I you tubed it first and i got it down pat before i had to administer it. easy peasy.
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    thanks u guys, I completely forgot about youtube!
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    One of the most helpful sites I've ever used. If I remember right, in their video they actually sink the NG in the volunteer. Brave lady!
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    guys, there are links to procedure videos posted on this sticky: - any good iv therapy or nursing procedure web sites. please check there. some of them are from nursing schools.

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