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Mod I and Mod A what does it mean?

  1. 0 In my notes i wrote down:

    Mod I
    Mod A

    Care Plans

    I always write down important things my rn orientation nurse tells me. I just cant remember what mod i and mod a mean.

    anyone know?
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    Moving to nursing student assistance forum.
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    It has to be facility specific.....I have no idea.
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    This is classic PT/OT-speak for modified assistance and modified independence. You will also see Max and Min, for maximum and minimum.
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    I know what that is.....I thought had something to do with care a mod I care plan ...... silly me....LOL
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    What GrnTea said. We used Mod I and Mod A in PM&R (Physical medicine and rehabilitation) to describe the patients ADL status. If they were allowed to move around their room without assistance they'd be on Mod I status or Mod A if they required someone to assist.
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    Thanks....she's my best friend and the house clown!!!!
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    Mod A = Moderate Assistance

    Mod I = Modified Independence

    Also: SBA = Standby Assistance, CGA = Contact Guard Assistance, Min A = Minimal Assistance, Max A = Maximal Assistance, Total A = Total Assistance or Totally Dependent