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MED SURG book...? Best one?

  1. 1 Hi all,

    I am in Med Surg, and am finding that on the tests (real ones and practice ones) I ALWAYS get the right answers down to 2. And more then half of the time I pick the wrong one. Obviously, my critical thinking needs some help. I have purchased a couple of books in addition to the med surg book that I had to buy for my class. Can anyone suggest a couple of good books that will help my process of critical thinking...? Perhaps something that has rationales for correct answers. My problem is that I seem to pick the answer that you would do second. Never the one that you need to do first. So I am obviously missing something. I would like to improve my grade from my last test, as well as develop my critical thinking... (I am assuming and hoping that critical thinking is something that evolves over time... ) .... Any suggesitons would be very helpful!

    Thanks everyone and have a great day!
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    Get yourself an NCLEX study book such as the one by Saunders and practice a few hundred questions a week. The book and cd both have rationales.
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    A book called "Med-surg Success". Its an awesome tool to use.
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    Quote from Jillybean34
    A book called "Med-surg Success". Its an awesome tool to use.
    I agree! Med-surg success is a great book! It provides rationales and also gives test-taking strategies.
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    Med surg success
    med surg made incredibly easy
    medical surgical nursing (lippincott's review series)
    medical surgical nursing reviews and rationales

    The last one is my favorite.
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    med surg reviews and raionales. if your school is subscribed to ATI, the books they give away is extremely helpful. good luck