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Hi all I am currently a BSN student doing a project on preteen obesity and I was wondering if anyone had any articles and or info in regards to this. Thanks in advance. Kris... Read More

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    Quote from Kris1981

    No boo hooing here just stating facts and as far as research I was just asking for resources to help me find the research I need for my project. I have and always will do my own work.
    You should have access to databases through your school. I would start there. As someone else suggested, CINAHL is a good place, as is PubMed.

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    Thanks Klone I appreciate the advice
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    Quote from Kris1981
    Netglow I am a student I'm an ADN who went back to get his degree. Simya thank you for the support. I never intended to have anyone do my work for me. I just figured my colleagues may have ideas about resources I haven't tapped yet. Never did I imagine this would turn into such a heated topic. No wonder they say nurses eat their young,
    Oh please, no one is "eating" you. I also did an RN-BSN program and am currently in an MSN program and have done my fair share of research and paper writing. If you are having trouble figuring out where to start then perhaps you should ask your instructor for recommendations of where to start. I often find if I know a general topic I want to do (ie obesity) but I am not sure of the specific topic I want to focus on related to it, then googling and seeing what is currently relevant related to that topic can help give me ideas
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    Thanks for the info I appreciate the insights. I apologize for causing such a hostile post it was never my intention. My hope was that I would find someone adept in the filed and perhaps interview them as that is part of my assignment. I suppose that is my fault for not making that clear in my original post. Thanks again.

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    Try multiple variations in your boolean strings. I've stumbled across good articles by searching "around" my topics.
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    Thanks emt I will revamp my search and see what I come up with.

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    Not sure if this helps but CHOA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) has some information on obesity prevention in children. Perhaps a few spins around that site might garner some information.

    Childhood Obesity Prevention in Georgia - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
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    Thanks Tait I will look into it. I think I'll try my hospitals nutritionist for someone to interview. Thanks again to you all for your help and insight.

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    moved to nursing student assistance for best response

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