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Hi all I am currently a BSN student doing a project on preteen obesity and I was wondering if anyone had any articles and or info in regards to this. Thanks in advance. Kris... Read More

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    Thanks for the info I appreciate the insights. I apologize for causing such a hostile post it was never my intention. My hope was that I would find someone adept in the filed and perhaps interview them as that is part of my assignment. I suppose that is my fault for not making that clear in my original post. Thanks again.

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    Try multiple variations in your boolean strings. I've stumbled across good articles by searching "around" my topics.
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    Thanks emt I will revamp my search and see what I come up with.

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    Not sure if this helps but CHOA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) has some information on obesity prevention in children. Perhaps a few spins around that site might garner some information.

    Childhood Obesity Prevention in Georgia - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
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    Thanks Tait I will look into it. I think I'll try my hospitals nutritionist for someone to interview. Thanks again to you all for your help and insight.

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