I'm stuck with two sets of brand new uniforms

  1. So, excited as was, I purchased my uniforms according to what we were told, in writing, when we got our official acceptance letter in January. White and navy blue. Well this Tuesday, 7 months later, my instructor says we are only supposed to wear navy blue. This is contrary to the fact that we went over the uniforms with another clinical instructor during our summer semester who specifically, in front of the class, said white and navy blue, any combination, is the uniform. I have two tops and two bottoms that are just going to sit in the bag until I graduate because the store manager says she cannot accept it for exchange since I've had then for 7 months. I have my receipt, they have never been worn, tags still attached. What do I do? Just keep them and spend another $70? I'm stuck...
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  3. by   runforfun
    Save the scrubs for when you graduate, you might be able to wear them then. Or, you could always sell them to someone who can wear them (a nurse, or a student whose school requires white). Honestly, I would save them, it sounds like there has been a miscommunication. There may be a chance you could wear them-perhaps just not with the instructor who told you navy.
  4. by   sharpeimom
    If they don't have your school's name on them, you could sell them on ebay.
  5. by   KelRN215
    I agree... sell them on eBay. I'm not sure why you can't use the navy blue portion of what you purchased though.
  6. by   KatieJ91
    I would post them on craigslist before I listed them on Ebay. I have done both and if you can get around the time of shipping and fees of Ebay it would be easier. I agree with the above to keep them for graduation. That is if you need white scrubs for graduation!
  7. by   SweetPEI
    Thanks for all the input. I'm guessing I will hold on to them for now, but I will look into ebay and craig's list.
  8. by   hgrimmett
    Any chance that you will have a different instructor sometime after this semester that might let you wear them?

    and I would consider writing an email to the customer service section company of that store and explain to them what happened and ask if there is any way they could exchange the white scrubs you have for blue ones that are the right color. Yeah, return policies vary with the store. But since you still have them unworn with the tags attached and the receipt and etc., if the scrubs are a name brand (i.e. Cherokee or Koi or whatever) that the store still sells, corporate might be willing to make an exchange. Doesn't hurt to ask.

  9. by   SweetPEI
    The update is that I spoke to the instructor that said it is ok and she said... it is ok. One of the directors happened to be there as well, and she also said yes because it is in the handbook. So as far as I know I'm able to wear white.
  10. by   DawnJ
    I'd buy some RIT dye and dye the white ones navy blue. problem solved. You do need to be careful not to wash the dyed clothes with anything other than navy blue clothes though.
  11. by   SweetPEI
    I'd be kind of weary about doing that myself. I can see the mess now lol. Do you know a business that can do that? I might look into that. From there I know how to keep dye from bleeding (good 'ol white vinegar and water)