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I am in my first semester of nursing school and study quite a bit. I have given up a social life and spend most of my time in my books, on my computer taking practice tests, and in study groups. I... Read More

  1. by   Despareux
    I've always read every chapter 2-3 times each. My grades and understanding have been sup-par (avg. 87%).

    I know I can do better. So I studied with a friend, which I don't normally do. She and I used our powerpoints and made flashcards. Many of these flashcards were made into similar-type questions that pertained to an entire powerpoint slide. Some flashcards' intentions were based on just memorization. Also, if there is something about a powerpoint slide that is not clear, I would at that point reference my book for more clarification.

    Once my flashcards are made, I have my kids and husband quiz me, or I quiz myself.

    Using this method proved to be far more useful than reading each chapter 2-3 times. I absolutely understand the chapter concepts and I'm not spending an entire day reading one chapter; instead, I'm able to study for several chapters in one day, which equals more time spent with my kids and husband.

    I haven't had a chance to apply this method of studying to any tests so far. I am anxious to see how this new approach will work for me. But, the fact that I have retained so much more information along with the extra time I now have, is enough to convince me that this method will work for me.
  2. by   futurernjap
    Hi you all! I'm starting my ADN program this summer at Jeff State Community College
    in Birmingham, Al. To get ready for the program I've purchased the "..made incredibly easy" for fundamentals, pharmacology, and dosage and calculations. I've just completed a CNA class at the end of February with a high B and I'm now retaking the physiology part of A&P( my school splits anatomy and physiology) as a mini term that's from 3/6- 5/6/2011. Partly because I made a C the first time and partly because with the amount of info in physiology and having it taught in such a short amount of time, I figured that would get me ready for the amount of info that's gonna be thrown my way when I start this summer!and because I want to have a good understanding on the physiology part because I've heard that was a big part of being successful in nursing. My program starts May 26, 2011. Ironically I'm not really worried about fundamentals- because after looking through the table of contents for my FON book( I went on and purchased mynbooks ahead of time) I know most of those skills except for the obvious (i.e. Starting iv, catheter, ostemy bag) I'm worried about pharmacology, math is not my strong point at all, would there be anything you all would suggest to prepare me for this summer! I already know I have my work cut out for me because of me starting the program in the summer, but I'm determined to succeed! Any advice would be appreciated!I just want to be as successful as I possibly can! I'm open to tips for all classes not just pharmacology but pharmacology in particular!

    Thanks! James P.
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  3. by   taalyn_1
    I have taken two tests so far for my Med-surg class. The first I passed, the second I didn't. We have 3 tests left, which I am going to have to pretty much ace in order to pass the class. I have tried to study in different ways but the truth of the matter is, you have to apply the over-all concepts. You can study everything and read all 300 pages of text and do 500 practice questions but if you don't get the over-all picture, you aren't gonna do well.
    Since not passing the second test, I am going about my studying a little different (maybe it will help, maybe it wont). I am still doing practice questions and watching videos etc. But I have made a study guide pertaining to the diseases we are covering, with different things like a short patho of the disease, what the manifestations are, potential complications, and general "treatments/interventions" for each disease. I am hoping this will help for the next exam as some of the students in my class have done this and did much better on the second exam than I. Hopefully, this will give me an over-all picture of the system and the diseases so I can apply it to the test questions. If not, well, I dont know.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Please check out various articles in my blog here on allnurses - The Teacher's Corner - some good advice on passing NCLEX style nursing exams.
  5. by   lavender59
    How do you read your chapters? Do you read everything or just skim the paragraphs? Do you answer the objectives to be prepared for class?
  6. by   sommeil
    i'm not quite in nursing school yet (i start next month) but i had to take pharmacology for nurses this semester and for the first time in my life i'm not getting an A. i'm used to tests with 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect answers instead of tests where every answer is right but some are more right than others. i really suck at these tests.

    i recently found this online and it has helped me..