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So we were given this take home exam in pharmacology, and anyone who has ever had a take-home knows they make it as hard on you as possible. My class of 26 went through it today to make sure al our... Read More

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    Indicate in which order of priority the nburse should administer the medications to these patients:
    a. a cardiac patient receiving a daily dose of digoxin
    b. an asthmatic patient recieving a daily dose of Singulair
    c. a patient receiving an antibiotic FOUR times a day for an infected wound
    d. a patient with diabetes receiving a daily dose of insulin

    I'd go for the insulin first, because breakfast is coming. You generally get an hour leeway on antibiotics but you need to keep the serum level up and this one is ordered for QID so its level probably drops comparatively rapidly (as opposed to a BID or even QD antibiotic). Digoxin levels take a comparatively long time to decline (look up its half-life and you'll see what I mean), and airway meds are important but as a daily dose, it's less time-critical. So I go insulin, antibiotic, Singulair, digoxin. Though realistically you'd get them all given within an hour or so, so it wouldn't really make any difference at all.

    What did your faculty say and why?

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