HELP! Please i need help with these orders

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    Hello everyone I'm in my last week of nursing school and my teacher gave us a take home test that's worth 30% of our grade and we have to pass it to graduate so here it is:

    Mr.miller is received on your floor from the recovery room. Refer to the physicians order sheet for the following questions. Show your work where applicable.

    Physicians orders:
    06/15/11 time: 1600
    Diagnosis: s/p total hip replacement
    Weight: 197lb height: 6'2"

    1. Diet npo till fully awake, then clear liquids
    2. Activity: bedrest, log roll side-back-side q2h
    3. Vital signs q4h
    4. Overhead frame trapeze
    5. Abductor pillow while in bed
    6. Incentive spirometer q1h while awak
    7. I&o q8h
    8. Hemovacs to own reservoirs, record output q1h x 6, then q6h
    9. I+o catheterization q.shift prn inability to void
    10. Heparin 5000 units sub-q bid
    11. Torecan 10mg Im q.4h prn pain
    12. Mylanta 30 ml po prn indigestion
    13. Restoril 15mg po at bedtime prn insomnia
    14. Tylenol codeine po 2 tabs q.4h prn pain
    15. Morphine pca 10mg Iv q10min to maximum 250mg/q4h
    16. Dulcolax supp. 1 per rectum q.shift prn constipation
    17. Labs: CBC x 3
    18. Call orders: hemovac output >500ml/shift
    Urinary output <250ml/shift
    Temp > 38.5 c
    19. Ivf: d5 NS 50ml/h
    Cefuroxime 1g IVPB q.8h

    That's all I have on the sheet I was given and I'm supposed to transfer this to a mar

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    Just so you are aware -- the image you posted is not showing up. Your post has no content.
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    thanks I know I just had to type it in by hand
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    I am curious is your take home test allowed to be a collaborative effort? Many schools and instructors visit this site...while AN is anonymous it is open to the public to view.
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    Not sure I understand the question. Do you know what a MAR is? Who uses it? For what purpose? What would those people need to know? Is all that information in the order sheet you copied here? What is unclear/confusing to you?
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    What are you asking us to do here?
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    MAR is medication administration report. That's simply what meds to give and when. Is that really all that is being asked? Asking for some help is okay but I agree with other posters that this should be really done on your own

    Good luck!
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    Quote from KelRN215
    What are you asking us to do here?
    Her test for her so she can graduate and hand off her work to all her co-workers.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Quote from MRS.DANNYBOY
    16. Dulcolax supp. 1 per rectum q.shift prn constipation
    He has more than one rectum?!?

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    I've seen it written that way (per rectum) on my MAR at work. Although it does read like one for each rectum hahha.
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