help me please!

  1. How do I calculate my grades?

    at first I was adding all my points, and doing a ratio proportion againsts all the points in the class to get a 100%.


    my points add up to 567/x=810/100 and I get 70% (that's passing)

    but now I am reading the syllabus, and each category has their own percentage! so I could be wrong!

    In parenthesis is the highest score allowed, and outside the parenthesis is my grade. worth % meaning total percentage of what is worth on a 100% scale.

    Assignment: worth 15% of total grade: 63(90) 69(85) 68(80)

    exams: worth 65% of total grade: 63(85) 71(85) 66(90)

    Quizzes: worth 20% of total grade: 32(40) 12(25) 29(40) 30(35) 15(25) 15(40) 10(50) 24(40)

    bonus points: Not sure what they are worth, but they are extra: 5(5)

    please help me! if anyone can average this out for me? I would appreciate it so much. I am losing my hair over this!
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    On the link above it calculates the grade for you, and I am getting the same thing as the website. I hope the website is right, because next week on thursday I will be if it is not correct!!
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    no one will help me I am stressing so much over this, this is all I think about!
  5. by   renee930
    I came up with 72% without your bonus points. So you should be in good shape!
  6. by   labrador4122
    AHHH thanks so much!!!!
    makes me feel a little better. On thursday at 12:01am I find out! yikes!
  7. by   labrador4122
    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe it!! I got a B in the class!!!!!!!
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    Quote from BumblebeeRN
    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe it!! I got a B in the class!!!!!!!

    For future reference on how to calculate your own grades (if you don't have a computer handy... )

    First off figure out what percent the grade is worth. I'll take your first assignment. You have a 63/90 and it's worth 15% of your grade. Take your score and multiply it by 15% (0.15) = 9.45. That's 9.45/15.

    For exams, multiple your scores by 65% (0.65)...and quizzes, multply your scores by 20% (0.20)

    THen just add up all of your points and divide it by sum of all of the possible points you can get in your class.
  10. by   labrador4122

    I will use that info for this next class I am taking!

    I can't wait. Fall semester I will have only practicum left and I get my BSN!!