group pharm project - calling creative-types!

  1. Greetings,
    First, thank you for taking your precious time to read this and thank you in advance for your ideas.

    For our pharm class, we are required to do a group project on glucocorticosteroids. We were told by the prof that we could use budesonide (Pulmicort) as the prototype. The entire class was divided into groups and each week a diff group presents their prototype drug as instruction for the class. We are graded on:content, collaboration, organization, and presentation.

    Creativity is encouraged, however, thus far, each group has performed a skit as well as presented a PP. We must include:
    -brief overview of pathophysiology related to drug class
    -drug classification
    -principal indications of drug
    -principal actions of drug
    -side effects
    -pt teaching

    This whole group project thing is a new concept for the prof, as she's trying to mix things up for the students. I know from speaking w/ her that she is (and the rest of the class), a bit bored by the PPs & skits and is wondering where our creativity is.

    I would like to be able to do something different for the class, something interesting, something effective to help my fellow classmates LEARN. Sooo.... any creative people out there? Ideas, comments? We are a group of five, and we are allotted 20 minutes to present. The class size is about 60.

    I also know the prof is having us get up in front of the class to also show us that it is not easy being a teacher of which I know having taught 4K-6th computer lab for just a year.

    Do we have any teachers in the crowd? Any personal experiences? Anything funny related to Pulmicort? We could use a laugh to break the stress. Many thanks!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    I love your professor already.

    Not sure something like this would fly, but here's one demo I have never, ever forgotten. it was for a Boy Scout leader training course; all attendees were already expert leaders with a lot of outdoors experience, and this was a high-level course. The session was on teaching Scouts how to pack for a backpacking hike in the wilderness.

    The presenter, a big hefty guy with a beard, came out wearing patent leather dress shoes, shorts, and a tee shirt with a light Patriots windbreaker (it was winter) with about eight huge black plastic trash bags. Out came the pink Cinderella overnight sleeping bag, a Barney air mattress, a medium-sized Weber grill with a big bag of charcoal, a football, a volleyball and net and poles, several reference books on birds/plants/hiking paths/geology/merit badges, a plastic cowboy hat and a big umbrella for rain, a cookbook, a monster box of Cheerios, a 16-pack of toilet paper, a garden shovel, .... in short, a whole pile of stuff that was unnecessary, burdensome, or downright improper for the task.

    You might try a couple of segments on patients doing return demos of really bad teaching individual concepts about the medication, then cut to the other side of the stage to show a nurse doing it properly. Or you could even do a "family feud" sort of thing (with predetermined "answers" both good and bad). Or a Jeopardy board-- answers, but what's the questions? Have some fun with it. ::humming Jeopardy theme::
  4. by   ShadowPlanet
    Hip hop! Think Kevin G from Mean Girls. I, for one, would be impressed to see a rap about pharmacology.
  5. by   BostonFNP
    Quote from ShadowPlanet
    Hip hop! Think Kevin G from Mean Girls. I, for one, would be impressed to see a rap about pharmacology.
    Check out YouTube for Diagnosis Wenkebach and I'm on a Code.
  6. by   iluvivt
    I like jeopardy games b/c it gets the class involved you can divide the class into teams of two and make sure the winners get a treat or something. You can set up a jeopardy board up with the categories pertinent to the drug class. I can see where the power points and skits get a bit boring