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    my clinical instructor just sent me tomorrow assignment.
    apparently, one of the treatment for my patient said is "Troponin Post Op 0.04".
    I have no clue about what this mean? Could any one please explain to me about this? this is my first time posting here, I hope i am doing this right. thank you

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    Look up what "troponin" means. The part I don't understand from your post is the word "treatment".
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    Yeah, not too sure why that is listed as a treatment.
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    What is troponin? What does this number mean? Why would they be looking at this post-surgery?
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    Maybe they are wanting you to know what the normal level of indicator of MI is.
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    Welcome to AN! We are happy to help with homework but we won't do it for you. We need more information from you about the pateint....what are they being admitted for...what are their symptoms. Troponin is a lab test.......What is a Troponin performed for...what does it indicate? This site may help.....Lab Tests Online: Welcome!

    What semester are you? What do you think this test is for? Tell us what you think and we will help you figure it out.

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