Fundamentals of Nursing

  1. 0 What helped you pass this course ? Any help is great advice to know! What books, any websites, quizzes, etc ?
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    basic algebra, for the med math. otherwise, i always recommend the physiology coloring book, because none of our patients would be with us if they didn't have something wrong c their physiology, and most have more than one thing. if you know physiology you're halfway there to almost anything.
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    What is the textbook for your course? I had fundamentals last semester. I read the assigned chapters, answered the questions in the book, we also had access to my nursing lab so I used that a lot, and I studied the instructor's notes like crazy, and my own notes from lectures.

    Didn't have any med math in my fundamentals course.
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    I used Fundamentals Success to study for exams, it helped me so much.
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    I used the key points at the end of each chapter, the instructors power points and the partner websites. As far as the med dosage calculations I used " dosages for the nursing student" it was very helpful.

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