fundamentals ati practice??

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    has anyone taken the fundamental ati practice assessments? Any tips or pointers?

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    Not really. The questions are all over the place. I read through the ATI Fundamentals book and some of the answers to the questions were nowhere to be found in the book.

    I will tell you to use your basic nursing knowledge, like prioritizing tasks and patients.
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    ATI is extremely straightforward. Do your studying and practice Qs and you will be fine.
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    Focus on the big pictures. ABC's, Maslow's, Erikson's, etc.
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    Just practice lots of questions where you are weak.

    For ATI exam in fundamentals, try and use ATI practice quizzes and assessments. Do the focused review, to find out where you are weak and study only that material. Be sure and understand the correct answer and the incorrect answers. Do them over and over.

    The key is to do lots of practice questions in the area that you are weak in.
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    well i took the practice test A and got a 70.0%. and im not sure if thats good or not? Is a 70 a good score
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    Quote from learningbutterfly
    well i took the practice test A and got a 70.0%. and im not sure if thats good or not? Is a 70 a good score
    What is the passing score your school requires? Whatever the score is you will need to add some points on for practice so when you go for the exam it takes into account nerves and other factors.

    70% is pretty good. With the focused review if you have enough time you can bring that up a couple of points just by working on your weak areas.

    When you see your focused review, look for items with a high number of questions where your score was low. Bringing up these areas, will give you the most bang for your buck. ATI even gives you the exact pages to read so it speeds up your content learning time. If you don't like the ATI books, just get the info from your favorite source.

    I think there are several ATI tests so keep taking them and improving as time allows. At my school, some of the students use to just concentrate on doing all of the sample tests going over reasons for correct and incorrect, and review content on low scoring areas.

    You look good so far, but bring it up a bit more to be on the safe side.
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    Our school used the ati fundamentals test at the end of the first semester. I never used the practice test but I got 65% They called that level 1 which is a pass, of which level 3 was highest raking. A score of 70% puts you above the national average. That's actually a great Level 1 score. If you going to take the fundamentals test like my school does, then use the ATI book to study from, just find the correlating topics that were covered in class already.
    to check your score stats, go to the and login the Results tab or GO to Results and It should show you a assessment report under Practice assessment tab just click the little page and you will see how you did compared to others in your program and nationally.
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    I have to take ATI just because I guess lol. Depending on the level you receive, you go through a remediation process. I did the fundamentals first semester and received a level 2 without studying. Now pharm and psych I made level ones, sadly :/. I never study for them thou. Fundamentals is the easiest to me. Like one post said, use your critical thinking skills and you should do fine.
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    Quote from learningbutterfly
    well i took the practice test A and got a 70.0%. and im not sure if thats good or not? Is a 70 a good score
    you got a level 2 score congrats.. Level one is below 68% and, level 2 is 68%-76%. Level 3 is 77% and above. And there is a below level one score but I don't know its range. Level 2 and above is passing. Level 1 is not passing. You passed.

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