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    I am currently at the halfway point of my first trimester, and I am BEAT(A+P is kicking my gluteous maximus). I was hoping I could get some encouragment about better classes coming in the future?

    What classes were your favorites? What helped you to make it through the difficult classes? What did you do to keep from pulling your hair out and strangling yourself?

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    I'm thinking that you mean you're halfway through your first SEMESTER, not TRIMESTER. (Although, I was pretty exhausted halfway through my first trimester of pregnancy, too.)

    I think it gets easier once you get into the nursing classes and become interested in what you're learning. It doesn't feel like so much work because you know it's helping you prepare for your career. During the difficult classes, just tell yourself it's a small inconvenience that you have to overcome in order to reach your goals. Keep a calendar to count down the weeks. It will go faster than you think. Good luck!
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    No, my school's program is 3 TRImesters; We're only here for a year. But thank you for the encouragment!
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    I loved both my anatomy and physiology classes. They were time consuming but keeping my eye on the end goal (as Ashley recommended) was helpful to keep me going. I hope it helps when the fast paced part of my program starts this fall
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    Dosage and Calculations is a fun course to take -
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    My thought going through school was always to pretend that I was interested in the class...fake yourself out to get through it!!!!
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    Quote from LunaPuma
    No, my school's program is 3 TRImesters; We're only here for a year. But thank you for the encouragment!
    This a pre-req program?

    May favorite part of pre-licensure was Synthesis (a little of everything all put together).
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    I loved physiology, hated anatomy. I enjoyed anything biology related and I am looking forward to chemistry. I hated college algebra but I think I would kind of enjoy statistics bc I like problem solving. Basically, I found if you take all the little things and fit them together to get a bigger picture, it is a lot more enjoyable. The only subjects I have not been able to get into are psychology and sociology

    Good luck!!
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    No, it's a full course. It's a school located in TN that allows you to become LPN certified within a year. It's a really great program, but since we ONLY have a year, it's very fast paced and intense.
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    My CC uses a trimester format as well for their RN program. We have to go summer, fall, and spring. I actually like it because I've finished all of my pre and co reqs so most trimesters I only have one or two classes. I could not imagine taking physiology or micro along with med surg...no thank you!
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