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Hi everyone! I am in my last semester of nursing school and we are learning about how to read EKGs. I am confused on how to differentiate 3rd Degree AV Blocks :eek:. This particular EKG reading... Read More

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    We should set up an online tutoring or school instead of giving it up for free.....

    Anyhow, It keeps me sane....

    A FAQ would probably be particularly helpful, but that's assuming people would actually read the thing.
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    P waves will be going at a rate of 60-100 (Sinus)
    QRS will be going at a rate of 40-60 (thats their intrinsic rate)

    if u have P waves going one speed , and QRS going another..most likely its a 3rd Degree Heart block
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    This was a very helpful explaination for me. I was having trouble understanding this concept as well. Thank you
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    Well, it must be second semester coming up somewhere (like, "It's always 5 o'clock somewhere!") so I guess it's time to reanimate this thread.
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