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  1. 0 www.rmfscrubs.com Has anybody ordered from this site? The prices look fantastic but I'm not sure. Starting a new job that requires navy and/or white and those are the two colors I wear the very least when it comes to scrubs. Any info is appreciated!
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    Never heard of them. They do provide a US address and phone numbers for contact, so that is a plus and the prices are low. I liked what I saw and might be willing to try them out with one order to see how things go. Won't hurt to try them one time.
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    I saw the beforementioned after I looked a little closer and also decided I would not be ordering from them. Just seem to be too good to be true.
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    I just got my order from RMFScrubs. They are good quality scrubs. Not top of the line but they are good quality. The shipping can be a bit slow. It took about 2 weeks from time of order, but they were drop shipped from Pakistan.

    So if you have a little time, you can save money


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    Anybody else used this website? If yes, do the sizes run true?
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    KOI scrubs all the way!! Check out their web site!!!!
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    Thanks for the tip. The KOI scrubs are very cute, but I need solid royal blue scrubs for school. The cheaper, the better.
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    I bought several set from RMF. Good quality scrubs. Check their sizing chart for info.
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    I've ordered from the twice. The first time, like everyone, I thought it was too good to be true, so I just got one pair. I just received my 2nd order, and I can't wait to get more. Shipping is a bit slow, but I have had my name embroidered on everything I've gotten. I'm very very pleased with the quality of the scrubs.