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wrinkled scrubs

  1. 0 a lot of the new scrub designs nowadays have like pleats and ruffles and whatnots...I am just wondering how does one keep them lookin' neat and ironed out... 'cuz I feel like switching all my scrubs to something like those plain-colored dickies black label types..but they look like they easily wrinkle when worn... I really don't like wrinkled scrubs...
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    I iron my scrubs. Even my so-called "no iron" scrubs aren't completely wrinkle free even if I pull them right out of the drier and put them on.
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    I prefer to buy the scrubs that are made with a polyester/cotton blend because they tend to be more resistant to wrinkling. I have observed that the 100% cotton scrubs are always badly wrinkled when they leave my clothes dryer.
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    Poly/cotton can go right from the dryer to the hanger. Cotton will always require some touching-up with an iron.
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    Dickies Black label are great, but can be hot. The material is like a microfiber. They come out of the dryer nice and ready to wear. Everything else I iron