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    I'm a new grad starting my first job soon. I need to wear white bottoms and any color tops. I ordered from Uniform Advantage and bought the UA brand but they are so thin and see through. Any recs for thicker, better quality brands or fabric I should look for? I'm going out of town so I really need to order online as I won't have time to shop. Thanks!

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    I am a huge fan if Koi scrubs, particularly the Lindsey style. I have to wear white scrub pants in my program and I've tried on many, many brands. I think Koi has the best fabric - soft and not too see-thru. My second favorite are Landau.
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    I am a fan of Urbane Scrubs. The material is soft, thick, and not see-through. I also like Cherokee Workwear, Koi, Landau, and White Swan.
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    Most definitely Koi. They have the best white bottoms, the Linsey model.
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    Koi is so nice, just wish they had my size! I wear cherokee and haven't had a problem, just don't wear colored undies I have to wear white head to toe for my program!
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    Thank you! I ordered the Koi, Urbane & Landau!
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    IM a big fan of Med couture! Holds their color and shape! No see through!
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    I like the dickey's scrubs and wink. pretty easy to iron, and not see through

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