where do you buy your scrubs???

  1. i have started buying my scrubs at dollar general stores. they have tops and pants for $6.00. i know they are not cherokee or landau, but they are just a good imo. sometimes i will buy from a uniform shop or walmart but financially dollar general scrubs are more affordable for me and fit in my budget.
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  3. by   BEDPAN76
    Hey Ginza, What kind of sizes do they carry? Sounds like a good deal to me! Thanks for the tip!!
  4. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    sm thru large...i think maybe x-large too...various colors and mostly print tops.
  5. by   mommyofnini
    I went to Big Lots yesterday and I was able to get a bunch of scrubs for only $65 after tax. Otherwise I would have had to pay easily double or triple the price at a scrubs store.
  6. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    i didnt' realize Big Lots had scrubs. I don't shop there much, maybe I'll have to start. ^_^
  7. by   mama_d
    I get mine from WalMart...I have a habit of checking out their selection every time I'm there, since it seems like if they have a top that fits me the pants that match will be the wrong size. Kinda hit or miss, but for the price I can't pass it up.
  8. by   Tippy-ta-ta
    I can usually find alot of nice scrubs at some of the local thrift stores. Sure there used but they are still just as good and comfy.
  9. by   Dream2BANurse
    I bought a set of scrubs from Dollar General to wear for skills lab (I'm still a student) and I really was impressed with how they fit. I have a hard time (ex. Large will be to small and XL will be too big) but these fit me really good. I just wish the pants were boot cut =)
  10. by   R*Star*RN
    I usually buy my scrubs online at different websites that have sales. I have to get "tall" sizes which are hard to find at stores like Walmart.

    Also I am self concious about my figure so there are certain styles that I find more flattering and I spend a little more to achieve the look I want. I usually don't spend more than $12 per peice though.

    The way I look at it is, buisness people have to buy expensive suits so I really can't complain about prices. It does add up though.
  11. by   grandkids4
    I get mine mostly from Uniform Advantage. You can pick tops up from $6.99 and they are great. I have been making my tops lately. It is inexpensive when you can material for 2 dollars a yard. I like cherokee crub pants and I just google cherokee scrubs and there is always a couple places that has free shipping and no tax, along with good prices.
    Another thing if you are wearing a particular kind of shoe. Go to shoebuy.com. you can find anything brand or type of shoe for less and there is never any shipping charges or tax. If you want to return it you print out a return slip and don't pay anything. If you sign up on the web site, they are always email coupons for 30- 30% off.
  12. by   NancyPie
    hehe ... the website i buy mine on is the ad at the top of this screen right now :P

    lydiasuniforms.com I've also used metrouniforms.com

    I too am still a student... I got my ones for labs from lydias uniforms but we have to have white scrubs with a collar for clinicals, I found them on metrouniforms.com
  13. by   NeoNurseTX
    I order Urbane Scrubs from a scrub shop here. They never have XS in stock so ..yup, gotta order them.
  14. by   fun4me2
    Does anyone wear the Greys Anatomy scrubs? I got a ton for my birthday and I need more. I love them more than my cherokee tops and bottom's?