what's a good stethoscope for nursing school?

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    What's a good stethoscope and hemo to buy for nursing school???

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    I don't know what you mean by "hemo"...hemostats? Any will do, just go to your local uniform shop.
    As for stethoscope, I started with a cheap $20.00 one, but asked for and recieved a Littman Cardio III for x-mas my first year of school. It is a great one, and I recommend it, but if you are wanting to go into pediatrics, you may want to find one that has interchangeable attatchments for small children. Anyway, it's around $175.00 for the one I mentioned.
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    Quote from jnmoore02
    What's a good stethoscope and hemo to buy for nursing school???
    Unless you just want to come out of pocket for that stuff now, you'll get it when you order uniforms. If they still use the same company, you'll have your choice of a Littmann Master Classic or Master Classic II. They also have a pocket protector that comes with scissors, hemostats, a penlight, & a green/black/red ink pen. If you can qualify for Work Source (this should be explained at your orientation), they'll pay for all that.
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    I bought a master classic II years ago and it served me fine for what I was doing, but when I got into school and had to listen to some pretty older/sicker patients with bad hearts or larger (obese) patients I wished I had, had the Cardiology III or the master Cardiology. I coudlnt' hear at times with the master classic II but could very nicely with the cardiology III and the master cardiology
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    I would recommend the Classis or Classic II also as a starter. They are lightweight and the earpieces are nice. The Cardiology III or Master are excellent but heavy and pricey. Also, they often get stolen!
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    i honestly just went with a $20 cheep - o because i was always stuffing it in my backpack. when i got out i bought the master II
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    I still have my double tubed sprauge which I got when I started my paramedic degree. I take this one to the hospital with me for any clinical rotations, mainly for sentimental value but because for me it still works fine and I can hear things clearly. I would probably upgrade to the Cardio III too when I graduate and get some funds hehehe

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    Thanks guys I end up buying a Cardio III from allhearts.com
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    I wouldn't give up my cardio III for anything.
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    Quote from meandragonbrett
    I wouldn't give up my cardio III for anything.
    So I made a good choice then

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