What is your favorite scrub brand and why?

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    What are your favorite scrubs and why?

    Brand / Style
    Is it fit?

    I tend to buy my scrubs @ scrubcabana.com online and have loved their service and quality but would love some other sources.

    Just curious as to whom makes the best scrubs.

    Also, what is your favorite place to purchase scrubs.....feel free to private message me!



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    Personally, I love Cherokee scrubs! My school requires "royal blue" and I find the Cherokee's don't fade in the wash. Also, they are incredibly affordable. My favorite website, not just for scrubs but anything nursing related, www.allheart.com.
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    My absolute favorite scrubs are Iguana Med. They are SOOO comfy and I am a cargo pant kind of gal. I like to stash flushes, alcohol swabs and 2x2s in my cargo pants! I have to wear Navy blue. They are hard to find. Seems like they are always sold out online.
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    i like cherokee, but i also like the uniform advantage srub tops ( they have $6 sales) and they are roomy and comfy and have a great selection of colors and patterns and they last
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    I agree I love Cherokee, and I also love Dickies. They have plenty of pockets, don't fade or really shrink.

    I have heard, but I can't find anything online to back this up - so it may not be true, that Dickies scrub line was bought out by Cherokee - not sure, but if this is true the line will be changing soon I'm sure to match Cherokee a little closer.
    Hope that helps!
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    my fave are the cherokee flex-i-bles. They are very comfortable, and flattering.
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    i prefer the Koi brand cargo pants (Lindsay style) and i haven't picked a favorite top yet...i like allheart.com for my shopping needs
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    Quote from FutureNurs93
    i prefer the Koi brand cargo pants (Lindsay style) and i haven't picked a favorite top yet...i like allheart.com for my shopping needs

    I like my Koi cargos too but I equally like the Cherokee Workwear Cargo Pants and Urbane. I need an XS Tall in Urbane and Small Tall in the Cherokee. Scrubs&Beyond usually have 10 or 15% off codes and free shipping if you spend enough. I like the Urbane longer length double front pocket tops. I have a long torso and I don't know of anything else yet as good.
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    Cherokee for quality. Dickies I had fell apart.

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