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STNA in a LTC facility

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  1. FutureNurs93

    Mnemonics and Memory Aids

    Our Med-Surg instructor taught us that "DEAK is fat" lol to help us remember the fat soluble vitamins :)
  2. FutureNurs93

    Has anyone started studying for medical dosage calculation test yet?

    I am also not the strongest in math, yet i have gotten a 100% on all my tests when i was using DA...and as long as u know the conversion factors, its so easy to whip through the problems :)
  3. FutureNurs93

    Have you been assaulted by a patient?

    I agree. the LOL's are the ones who really scare me. in the 5 1/2 months i have been an aide, i have been bitten, kicked, hit, had my butt grabbed by a fully competent male resident, and most recently almost had a chunk of my hair ripped out after trying to re-attach a personal alarm to a LOL. she flipped out and tried to bite me and she was twisting my hands and eventually grabbed my hair (which thankfully was in a ponytail) and yanked me to my knees. it took two nurses (one of which is a very large, strong male) and myself to get her to let go....
  4. FutureNurs93

    How Old Are You?

    i am a 16 year old STNA and proud of it...i passed my boards in July and plan on going to get my LPN next year after i graduate HS
  5. FutureNurs93

    I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    I work in a LTC facility...as a young person and an Aide, i do sometimes wear silly scrub tops with plain pants. I recently wore a Blues Clues top to work and had several residents and staff members comment that they liked it and thought it was cute. My fiance has a plain blue top with a Nemo applique on it, and everyone where he works (LTC facility also) call him "Nemo Boy". every time he wears it to work, the residents get so excited and when he doesn't wear it they want to know where it is...i agree that we should look professional, especially in a hospital, but i believe that you can wear fun tops and still be professional...
  6. FutureNurs93

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!! i love doing fun stuff like this to my animals lol
  7. FutureNurs93

    Have you ever worn scrubs off the job?

    i don't usually wear scrubs after work, but i may wear a CLEAN scrub top over jeans to school, especially on days when it's "dress down day" at work so i don't have to go home and change before work :)
  8. FutureNurs93

    What is your favorite scrub brand and why?

    i prefer the Koi brand cargo pants (Lindsay style) and i haven't picked a favorite top yet...i like allheart.com for my shopping needs :)
  9. FutureNurs93

    Could someone recommend a good insole?

    i tried this kiosk, and it's really cool. it tells you about where your pressure points are in your feet and where you need the most support. i bought a pair and they are ok...didn't like having to pay $45 for my insoles, but whatever.
  10. FutureNurs93

    Funny things patients say !

    when i was working in a LTC facility over the summer, one of the residents i worked with was quite the smarty...she had a IDC but would ask about every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. so i would get her up and take her...every 15 minutes...finally i asked her why she always had to go the bathroom when she had an IDC. she told me that she had to pass gas. when i tried to explain that she could do that in her chair and no one would know, she explained to me that she "couldn't sit on the bubble"!!!!!