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Hello everyone, this is my first post and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a good stethoscope for clinicals. At orientation we were told not to go too cheap or too expensive. Does anyone have opinions from good... Read More

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    Littmanns, whichever one of them you like best, and see if you can get yours engraved with your initials when you order it.

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    I would like to emphasize what others have said about the Tags, Labels, or Engravings; There totally worth it. I wish my iPhone had a "Find my StethoscopeTM" app

    I have the 3M Littmann Cardiology. I had to use the pediatric side as a covered bell, because my pup got chew happy on it- but I guess it works better for ER now. I want a new one- but an iPad Mini got chosen instead, so that's on my wish list too(however not pink, Lol!)

    I would also have to admit that the first two semesters I used that ugly dual tubed monstrosity that comes with the scissors, pin light, etc,... Until I auscultated with a friend's Litt.
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    Not a fan of the lightweight. It's freaking plastic!
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    Check out ADC stethoscopes on Amazon. They are just as good as Littman but cheaper.
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    Quote from ScottE
    Not a fan of the lightweight. It's freaking plastic!
    Yes the Lightweight is horrible. Can't hear anything with it!

    The Classic II S.E. is perfect for students, imo. After I graduated, I upgraded to the Cardiology III but I still have my Classic II as a backup.
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    I also have a Littmann Classic II - if you get it from, they engrave and ship for free! I got carribbean blue tubing with a rainbow head with my name engraved...I get a lot of compliments and its unlikely to grow legs as I'd recognize it from 100 yards!

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