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Sketchers Shape Ups

  1. 0 is everyone here still loving the Sketchers Shape Ups? how are they holding up? I've read many initial reviews, but not many reviews after they have been worn a while

    I am so close to purchasing a pair for school, but $100 for sketchers... Wow! looking at the all white work Motivator Mary Jane style for comfort, not the "exercise claim", because I have lower back and foot pain. I am worried about the sketchers quality.
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    I am going to buy my second pair... They are wonderful. I usually can get 6 months out of a good pair of shoes. I have horrible back pain, not r/t nursing, and these shoes are a dream.
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    Have had my sketchers since Jan and are holding up extremely well!!
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    I have had mine for about 4 months and they are the only sneakers Iwear anymore. I had intended to rotate with the other pair I had been wearing for clinicals but these are so much more comfortable I can't stand to wear anything else.
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    I love mine! Will buy another pair when this pair wears out!!
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    I am in love with mine, too!! My back has never felt better. I even went out and bought the flip-flops to wear "off-duty". I prefer these over my Danskos.
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    they are comfortable
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    they are comfortable .
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    I love mine!! Would definitely buy another pair when these wear out, and I want to try the sandals too.