Skechers or New Balance

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    I just have a question about these two types of shoes. Do you find that you like to wear Skechers or New Balance to work.
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    Easy Spirits

    But I guess that doesnt help you, does it?
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    no it does I will also look at those. Thanks
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    Definately New Balance. Sketchers make my feet hurt.
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    I used to wear Sketchers, but I love my New Balance now! And my Crocs are very comfy, too.
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    I guess there are more options than I knew. I just need some comfortable shoes and I am online looking now
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    I have completely flat feet (no arch at all). I purchased a pair Asics years ago for running. They have a really strong boot that helps stabilize my ankles. In addition to my arch supports, I wear those, and they help immensely!

    I've also (finally) have the time to add exercise back into my schedule, and that's helped strengthen my muscles to give me extra stamina.

    I know that's some digression, but I hope it helps...
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    New Balance is a great shoe but i've taken to wearing Nike Shox lately.
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    New Balance! I think Sketchers are poorly made, offer little to no support, and fall apart quite easily.
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    Skechers or Danskos!!!!