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hello, i'm new to the forum. what is your favorite shoe and why? i was wondering what shoes are the most comfortable. i have heard that dansko's are well made and very comfortable. i would like to purchase a quality... Read More

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    I have seen Danskos in stores and heard about them, but when I felt them, they seemed to be too hard on the foot itself. In addition, I don't have that kind of time to break in shoes, so sneakers is the way to go for me. I wear orthotics and my podiatrist suggested New Balance. They worked well until I increased my activity by working med-surg per diem (I normally work in a clinic). I started taping my feet when I anticipate additional strain on my feet, which does work okay, but I just purchased a pair of Saucony from Zappos, which seem perfect for heel spurs. They'll get here this week, so, I'll see shortly. The comments made about them have been great for those who are on their feet constantly.

    It is important to me to be comfortable immediately regarding shoes these days. I do enjoy working med-surg and want to do it more often to gain experience. I don't want bad feet to stop my career (but I can sure see it happening if I don't care properly for my feet).

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    I have been wearing my Dansko's for a year now. I LOVE them. I have two pair which I switch out regularly. I tried my walking/running shoes and crocs. Crocs make my feet sweat too much and my feet killed by the end of my shift with my other shoes. I have plantar facsitis (spelling) and these shoes have done great for me.
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    OMG, I hated those Dansko cloggs! They were so uncomfortable, they have absolutely no cushion and like someone else said they rubbed a permanent mark on the top of my feet right above the bone. I felt like I was clumping around in them all day. You have to have extremely hard feet or work somewhere there are carpets or short shifts because they will kill your feet. I work 7 am - 7:30 pm shifts and by half way through, I wanted to take them off. I just bought Birkenstocks and so far they are much more comfortable, plus they have alot of different styles so you can have cushion or no cushion. Other than that, NurseMates are good too I think. You would think for all that money, the Dansko's would have been good, but no.
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    I tried wearin Dansko, but they were too thight and tried the next size up and they were too loose. I just wear new balance walking shoes.
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    My daughter wears Dansko and love them. She said her feet are never tired.
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    I have been wearing Dansko clogs for a long time - I love love love them! I wear them everywhere, although I have just started branching out and have some primo by Clarks which I really like too.

    I love my Danskos so much that I talked my mother into buying some - she HATES them. She says she has a high arch and they are not comfortable at all.

    My Danskos did not require any "break in" time.
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    Wearing Dansko clogs cured my Plantar Fasciitis. Yes..... Cured it. Pain went away after about 4 weeks. I ONLY wore Dansko at work and home. You know
    there is nothing nice about a nurse with painful feet.
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    I don't wear Dansko but I do wear New Balance as I have had foot Dr's tell me that they are the best shoe for your feet for lots of walking, etc. They require no breaking in.

    I used to only wear Nike before this for the same reason- no breaking in was required.
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    I just bought a pair of Danskos clogs because I have wide feet. They have a hard sole, and at first it felt like I was walking on concrete the entire shift! Got to the car, and in the back seat they went...never to be worn again.
    I've been told that they have to be broken in, and after that, you'll never want another shoe. I have worn them since...I bought gel insoles and a shoe stretcher.:hehe:

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