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    Hey everyone!!

    I'm starting nursing school next month and I'm trying to buy my shoes. First off nurse Mates or dansko?? And next I really want white but I'm afraid that white danskos (or nurse mates) can't be kept clean. So should I get black?

    Also dansko pro xp don't fit me because I need narrows and dansko professional are the only ones that come in narrows. Are those good, non slip shoes for work? Even though they aren't listed for nursing?

    Thank you!!!!!

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    Look into Sanita if you need the slip resistant soles. They look very similar to Danskos. Not sure if they come in narrow, but a lot of waitressing coworkers wore them since they needed the slip resistant and Dansko didn't have that option a few years ago and highly recommended them.
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    I just purchased the Dansko Elise.
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    I personally love Dansko.
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    Just got mine in today. They look very nice, have flex soles, slip resistant bottom. In true Dansko fashion, no real padding. Some people may need arch support.
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    Hi guys! I've decided on dansko but don't know what type of leather to buy!! Cabrio, patent leather (shiny) or oiled leather? Which type is the most durable in a messy job, like nursing? Lol I'm getting the professional because the XP's don't come in narrow.

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