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Scrubs - what do you wear? - page 5

Alright, it's laundry time in my house and all of my scrubs are gathered together. I'm realizing that I have at least 4 butterfly scrub tops and barely any plain solid tops. I'm a bubbly person and... Read More

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    I'm 5'2 and i prefer dickies xs petite.
    baby phat also has xs size scrubs
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    Koi, FTW!
    Solid colors only. Ever since I splurged on my Koi scrubs, I've been getting a lot of compliments from coworkers. I've even been asked to "turn around" a couple times to give a 360 view lol. They fit perfectly and give me shape (I'm petite), so they don't overwhelm me like a majority of scrubs do. I love the cargo pants too. I just love Koi period!

    BTW, loving the scrub shorts. HOT! (Good one...I miss Scrubs)
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    I have some print tops and some solid tops. I prefer the Koi brand scrubs. They are a little expensive but soft and worth it.