Scrubs for curvy girls

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    My body type just doesn't fit well with scrubs and cant seem to find the right ones. I have a real small waist but big hips and a big butt. Scrubs tops arent a problem for me but the bottoms are uncomfortable. They fit well around the waist but then even the large size is tight on my butt and thighs. But then I need a small or medium scrub top so I have to buy the pieces separately. Any advice??
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    You can order scrub tops and bottoms separately in different sizes - I look terrible in scrubs; my colleagues are always surprised when they see me in my regular clothes, I actually look normal!
    As long as you are clean, tidy and professional, I don't think the patients are a whole lot worried. I wear Dickies cargo pants with the elasticated waist and Iguana tops... I think a lot of nurses have to buy separate pieces, just like street clothes. Most ladies have bigger bottoms than tops!
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    I only wear the Dickies "W" line.
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    Is it mandatory that you wear scrub bottoms?
    Scrub pants fit too tight on my thighs.
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    I know they've been harder to find because of distributor issues, but Dickies W line are great for "womanly" bodies.
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    great thank you guys!! I have been a CNA for 2 years but was JUST accepted into nursing school and will basically be wearing scrubs all day everyday now so its time to fit the right ones.
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    I'm a bit late to this but thought I'd add my ...

    I am also "curvy." Something like 44-35-44. I'm not small but I certainly don't feel the need to hide that under a potato sack!

    Anyhow after much searching, I like Iguanamed and NrG by Barco. I usually wear a L top and S (Iguanamed) or M (barco) bottoms. Even the L tops squish my boobs on occasion, but the next size up swallows me whole.

    I size the bottoms so that they cover my hips, but they are all too big in the waist. They sag a bit during the day but I haven't found any that don't do this.
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    Try for the Essentials Flare Leg pants.There is elastic waste, flat front or drawstring waist. They are all nice for curvy girls! I prefer the drawstring over the elastic or flat front. Their plus size tops are nice too.
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    I too am curvy. My favorite is Body by Cherokee because they are pull ons but have stretch throughout the whole pant and top. They hold their shape well. I too have wide "sexy child bearin' hips" as my DH likes to call them and thick thighs and I hate the drawstring pants with no stretch. They also make them with a drawstring to adjust for smaller waist but are still the BODY line and entirely stretch. Hope this helps.