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Preventing spider veins?

  1. 0 Okay so I'm in my last semester of Nursing school and starting a job as an extern so between clinicals and work this semester, I will be on my feet a lot! My mom has been a nurse for almost 30 years and has had varicose veins BAD for as long as I can remember. I know it sounds horrible, but every time I see her legs, I get freaked out. I don't want to not be able to wear shorts by the time I'm thirty! I've been thinking about getting some compression hose to start wearing now to prevent this from happening. I've searched on here, but I've read a lot of different opinions. I just have a few questions for those of you who wear them? Are they uncomfortable or do they fall down and bother you? Do you really need the actual hose or are knee high socks just as good? What brands are good and where do you find them? While looking them up on the Internet, I've seen different numbers like 15-20, etc. What kind do I need? Will starting now make a difference or do I not need them until I'm a little older (I'm 22)? And most importantly, does this actually help prevent spider veins or am I just destined to get them no matter what?
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    I think your fundamentals book should have some fitting information for compression stockings I personally don't use them, but a couple of my colleagues do. Knee high socks are not the same as compression hose. Best thing to do I think is to sit down. Try to take a break now and then. Chart while sitting not standing (if you have the computers on wheels).
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    Varicose veins and spider veins fact sheet |

    Possibly strange, but true: I wore TED hose in my 40's when I worked 16 hour weekends, as an attempt to keep my leg muscles from becoming fatigued because I could not 'ever' take a break. It felt weird, but also gave me a buoyant/'springy' feeling, more so when I also wore Crocs. They didn't fall down but they require adjusting to keep them smooth. They're cheap. But a better option? DON'T work 16 hour shifts!?
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    I wear the knee-high compression stockings every day.
    They stay up well and if I don't wear them my legs are terribly painful at the end of the day.
    I sit as much as possible but am on my feet much of the day with 10# of lead apron on as well.
    At 58 I may have the beginnings of spider veins.
    Also, though, at 58 I am past wringing my hands because I don't look "just so" in shorts.

    Hope you can find what works for you.
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    Since people only lived to an average age of 45, 100 years ago, you can say that 58 is the 'new 29'.

    I wore thigh highs, and had to duck into a room to adjust them now and then, else people would have wondered what I was doing.
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    at a minimum, 15-20mmHg ( medium compression) knee high
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    I wear Nike compression socks. Initially, I started wearing them on longer runs to help with shin splints and tried them for my 3rd shift in a row and it was heaven sent! I wear them all of the time now and my legs never get sore. Good luck!!
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