Personalized Badge Reels

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    I was wondering if anyone knows of a website that I could find a cute personalized/engraved id badge reel?
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  4. 1 has adorable ones, and they're all handmade! has some as well.
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    ebay has some cute embroidered ones!
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    I think the best out there are at They have so many designs to choose from and they are
    washable. Most on Etsy/ebay are the fabric and they get dirty.
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    BooJee Beads!
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    Love these badges! Great suggestions on pages.

    In searching for these I found a video on how to make your own button badge reels. If you're crafty, give it a go!
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    Med Bling on Etsy - has retractable badge reels (beaded) and personalized stethoscope IDs. Cute and unique!
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