Nursing Shoes??

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    I start nursing school August 15th and clinicals 3 weeks after that in September!! What shoes do you recommend? The director said they need to be all white but if the logo was a color that was ok and she said preferably leather but not required. Recommendations please?!
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    Dansko, white professional
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    Quote from michelle24
    Dansko, white professional
    If you absolutely can only afford something around $30-$40, there are lots of New Balance and Nike in that range that are all white and will get you through. That being said, I totally agree with michelle24. I wore a pair of Nikes my first semester last year and they were fine but my feet were definitely tired at the end of a long clinical day. In January my family chipped in and got me a pair of Dansko's for my birthday and I love them. My feet were definitely not as sore and tired at the end of a long day and they truly were worth the price tag.

    Good luck!
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    I'm getting a pair of Dansko's myself. My mom is a hairstylist, so long days of standing, and she loves them. I've also heard from other students and some nurses that they're the best!
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    I went with Nurse Mates Dove nursing shoes. They were $60 online, the size fit exactly like my New Balance I wouldn't imagine the sizes vary too much. I read many reviews about them, and have experienced wearing them for many hours a day with no complaints. Even though I bought them new, there wasn't a "break in" period. They just fit nicely.
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    Not a nursing student (yet!) but Danskos killed my feet. Had to return the pair I bought. So if you do buy some, I suggest wearing them around the house a bunch to see how you like them. Once you wear them out, many places wont let you return them and those suckers are not cheap!

    On the flip, my sis (who is a RN) won't wear anything but and couldn't believe I hated them. So just try and see what works!
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    Alegrias are really comfortable...I have those and a cheap pair of nikes from TJ Maxx that I rotate sometimes.
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    I have a pair of RealFlex from Reebok that I wore to clinical and also to work. Best pair of shoes! A little pricey but definitely worth it.
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    Alegrias are the best! Was wearing them daily even before nursing school! Just had to supplement my 2-dozen pairs with one in all white! Alegria Shoe Shop | Alegria Shoes on Sale | #1 Online Retailer and click on SALE
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    I have Dansko's for clinical, but I wear Landau's in white for work. Life Uniform -COMFORT

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