The most comfortable Nursing Shoes

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    I guess the title says it all. Which shoes are the most comfortable for those 12hour shifts?

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    I am a current nursing and i am also i cna I have to say that i love my nurses mates shoes. They are very comfortable. Good luck in finding your dream shoes. lol
    Nina, SPN
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    I don't think there's a single answer to that question -- different makes (and models) of shoes are more or less comfortable for different people. I've had v. good experiences with Nursemates, SAS, and New Balance. But, just because one person swears by a particular brand of shoe, that doesn't mean it will work for you.
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    It all depends on several factors, including the type of foot you have, body weight, etc.

    I have a short, very wide, plump foot, and I cannot wear most shoes. New Balance comes in several widths, so their wide width footwear has worked very well for me. SAS shoes, although very expensive, have also been very comfy for me during the course of long 16 hour shifts.
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    I love my Nursemates, EasySpirits and Danskos. I have never had a sore back or legs with any of these. Good luck on your hunt to the perfect shoe!
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    It has to be the new Skechers Shape-Ups. They're amazing!!! Like nothing else I've ever worn.
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    While it does depend on the person, I recommend Crocs. I have worn Crocs for 4 years now, and as an ER nurse who is always running, I find that their combination of lightness, cushion, and relative strength is the best for me. An added bonus is that they can be disinfected and sanitized: soak 'em in water, wipe 'em down with alcohol, spray 'em with bleach, whatever. I buy a new pair every 6 to 8 months, and use the old one's as around-the-house-chore shoes (after being cleaned, of course.) And once they're too old for that, they can be recycled. Journeys used to do this, but I don't know if they still do.
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    Many nurses wear crocs, but we have had two nurses break their ankles, cause you slip on water on the hospital floor. It is foam, not a rubber grip. Personally many wear the New Balance and I do too. Love them, comfortable right out of the box. They clean very easily too.
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    Keens hands down. And I am the most anal person when it comes to shoes! I wore crocs for about 6 years because I could not find anything else I liked. I do not have a Dansko foot according to the shoe guy; I tried a tennis shoe that the footlocker girl told me a bunch of nurses buy, can't wear them for 12 hours because they rub my ankles wrong; thought I was going to score with the Softwalk and had a aching arch after only 4 hours and could not WAIT to take them off; my heels kill me after about 6 hours when I wear nearly any shoe without a in sole. But Keens? LOVE THEM!!! Particularly the Keen Dry...totally water-proof; or "amniotic fluid proof" in my department.
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    Another advantage Crocs have: $30-$40 a pair. I bought a pair of MBTs for $250, and never wore them enough to make me feel it evened out.

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