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LONG scrub pants

  1. 0 Does anyone know where to order long length scrub pants? Most places say 32" is long. . . that is not long! Looking for at very min. 34" but preferably 35", yes, for LONG legs.
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    Hey there. . .I have to get long scrub pants but you are correct they are only 32 inches. I have noticed that the unisex pants are sometimes 34 inches long so I would try that, or you could make your own pants. Good luck!
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    URBANE SCRUBS has petite, regular, and tall sizes. I'm 5'7'' and the regular are perfect for me (I wear danskos so they are long enough to cover the shoe.) The tall inseam claims it's 32.5 but I've tried them on and they are more like 35". Find a scrub store and go try them on you won't be disapointed. I'm very anal about the length of my pants also.
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    I'm tall and I wear Landau tall length. They work out well for me.
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    Thanks to all of you!
    I am going to try and order some online; I finally found a few sites that carry pants with long inseam.

    One of them is Lydia's which is advertised here on Allnurses!
    Thanks again!
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    Cherokee's tall scrubs are 34" inseam - I'm 6' tall and they're fine for me.
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    Scrub Med (http://www.scrubmed.com/) allows custom alterations for length when ordering. I need a 36" inseam!
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    Thanks. Yes, I too need the 36" inseam. . . :wink2:
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    I wear 36" scrubs, great brand is MOBB, it comes from Canada but they are great. You can find it on
    www.cheap-scrubs.com, just take about 2-4 wks to deliver
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    You can order custom lengths on www.urbanewarehouse.com, too.
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    Cherokees are never as tall as they advertise for me, and I had to give them away. Love the Tafford talls till they stopped making my size in our required color.