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  1. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Very upset.

    I think she meant to talk to your clinical instructor about the incident and how it made you feel. You have two options you can sit around and feel bad about what happened (which is easy to do), or you can be the "bigger person" and walk away. A lot of nursing school is jumping through the ridiculous hoops that are in your way. I would pick myself up and continue on because I want to be a nurse, and will not have some immature girls ruin that for me.
  2. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Medical Dx UTI, can't seem to find Nsg Dx

    I actually think I'm going to go with safety. This patient was admitted not b/c of the UTI but b/c they wanted to further observe. It was stated that the condition of the patient on admission they were unlikely to return to home. The patient recovered pretty well for their age so they were able to be d/c to home. Thanks for the reply
  3. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Medical Dx UTI, can't seem to find Nsg Dx

    So I'm looking for a little help today, I'm always lost as far as nursing dx after taking care of someone for a few hours and then they are discharged. I always ask myself to find my priority "what needs to happen for this patient to leave the hospital." This usually guides me but I'm stumped today...any help is appreciated. Pt admit with fever, chills, polyuria, nausea, and general weakness. Found UTI gram - sepsis treated with antibiotics. Was in hospital total 3 days. When I worked with her she was independent, no pain, no weakness, and ambulating x3 during my shift prior to being discharged. Now, I know I should write the care plan based on the UTI, so priority Asepsis followed by pain. I'm not sure how to choose nsg dx, I don't see Infection as an option and she already has an infection so it's not Risk for. Or maybe do I do a teaching dx ie: ineffective health maintenece on ways to prevent UTIS? Any help is appreciated!
  4. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Anyone ever get off "the" List?!

    This may sound stupid but I'm just a student and not an expert nurse but what is agency nursing? IS it similar to home health care...just curious? Thanks!
  5. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Small Bowel Obstruction? Perceived CP Help.

    Thanks, I just got so hung up on the fact that how can someone who had a BM 2 days ago be constipated? So I was going all around the issues that I could use and none of them made sense, and I kept going back to constipation. I ended up with Risk for constipation r/t decreased gastrointestinal motility, insufficient fluid intake, and insufficient fiber intake. I didn't feel that the evidence pointed to constipation especially since his XRAY showed no obstruction. It does help to have someone look at the info and reply though, I'm grateful...out of all the people who viewed nobody would post anything. Thanks daytonite I appreciate your help!
  6. I can't seem to prioritize for this patient I worked with on Friday for my care plan. Here's situation: 62yo, admitted for abd pain, n/v, and dehydration. Has hx: of SBO, and pt thought s/s were the same this time as they were the last time they had an SBO. When I worked with pt: pt denied abd pain, was treated for dehydration with D5W NaCl, and was discharged the day I worked with them. Assess: + bowel sounds, soft non tender abd, passing gas, LBM 2 days prior. XRAY showed no evidence of obstruction or perforation. NOW as far as priority what is my main concern????? I have gone back and forth between bowel and pain and now I'm thinking nutrition education b/c when I worked with pt, they had no pain and had + bowel sounds but no BM... Am I just overthinking this situation. I'm trying to write a care plan which is no problem except I don't know what my priority would be?
  7. 2bnurselovescoffee

    LONG scrub pants

    URBANE SCRUBS has petite, regular, and tall sizes. I'm 5'7'' and the regular are perfect for me (I wear danskos so they are long enough to cover the shoe.) The tall inseam claims it's 32.5 but I've tried them on and they are more like 35". Find a scrub store and go try them on you won't be disapointed. I'm very anal about the length of my pants also.
  8. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Anxiety/Depression Med PLEASE HELP!

    You already took the first step and that was recognizing that you do need help. Work with your doctor in finding the right med that doesn't give you bad side effects. When I went through severe anx/dep I was also scared of being dependent on a med, scared that I was going crazy, and had bad SE from the first med I was prescribed and was scared to even touch anything else. Just get over the fear of taking the med, bc it's there to help. No matter who you talk to everyone's body is wired differently so SSRI's are going to give some SE while giving others have no SE. That is the nature of anti-depressants, BAD SE. Once you find one that doesn't give you bad SE you will be on your way back to your "normal", or recovery. After going through my anx/dep I have a completely different view on mental health and the complexity of it. If you have any other questions you can contact me. P.S. Your not crazy.
  9. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Staying Alert after Clinical Prep night w/out sleep

    Yes that is true but unfortunantely that is what our instructor EXPECTS from us. It's not my own thinking. She wants Pt Hx, surgery's, important labs, meds (class, reason pt is getting, major side effects), and our care plan in our heads. I am 2nd year student so I know how important sleep is in order to take care of a patient the next day, but also will get sent home if it appears I'm not prepared to care for the patient. Thanks for the suggestion though...
  10. Anybody have any remedies (coffee, sleep schedule, energy drink, magic no dose pill) that can keep me alert and awake for 5:30Am start time until 4PM with little sleep? Clinical prep starting at 4pm night prior and teacher expects everything to be memorized (I'm 2nd year student) to report to her pre coneference. I don't plan on getting much sleep, 1st year average for clinical prep nights was 4-5 hours. Any advice is appreciated, Thanks!
  11. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Best bookbag on wheels?

    LL BEAN! You get what you pay for. It's one of the only ones that is sturdy as heck, and the wheels are rollerblade wheels so it's silent rolling. I hate to draw attention to myself like other rolling bags that are obnoxious.
  12. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Working/Going to School

    It's different for everyone... I worked first year about 15 hours a week and found that hard. Some people can work part time and still do good in nursing school. You will have to feel it out and see what is comfortable for you, just have a flexible employer so that if you decide you need to cut hours they will be ok with it.
  13. 2bnurselovescoffee

    OMG!! First test next week 9/2!!

    I was having a hard time also in first year and even talked to my advisor. It wasn't until I mentioned it to ONE of the 6 instructors we had and she suggested this book to me. WHY DO THEY MAKE IT A SECRET? After reading I told them the really ought to make this book MANDATORY or at the least an optional book option for any first year student! All in all I recommend this book as well.
  14. 2bnurselovescoffee

    OMG!! First test next week 9/2!!

    I'm second year and we had a test first day of school that we had to study for. I got through it and so will you! Instead of wasting time panicing just jump in to studying for your exams. It will be tough but you'll get through it because you have to... and this is something you want(to be a nurse:nurse:). Good Luck.
  15. 2bnurselovescoffee

    Classes Started This Week

    Low carb is probaly the worst diet to do in terms of energy. Carbs are your body's main source for energy... why would you want to cut that to lose weight when there are much better options? I did FIT FOR LIFE diet last summer and lost weight before 1st year of nursing and have maintained for a year feeling great with more energy then ever. (except after staying up all night preparing for clinicals without sleep:yawn:). It's clean eating 5 meals a day smaller of coarse, and enough carbs to keep your body going. Check it out...
  16. 2bnurselovescoffee

    How much waste do you see?

    It's an ethical debate... would it be ok with you for someone to "waste away" if they were a millionere and could pay for the healthcare? How does that change things in your eyes? Just a question...