Lavender Scrub top

  1. I'm having a hard time finding lavender colored scrub tops..can anyone steer me in the right direction. This color is mandated by the facility. Thanks
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  3. by   FurBabyMom
    It's been a while since I've had to buy uniforms for work (I work in a procedure area with hospital issued scrubs). I would look into Cherokee (they seemed to have every color of the rainbow when I could pick uniform apparel out). Otherwise, look into getting a pattern for a uniform top, and make your own? May be the easiest option. Hope this helps.
  4. by   sophiep
    I don't have to wear Lavender, it's just one of my favorites especially for Spring!!! Barco has lavender in a few of their top styles 41232 Barco ICU 3 Pocket Scrub Top | Barco Scrubs also Butter Soft "Plummy" i really like, may be a deeper lavender though. UA PC62C Women's Scrub Top, Women's Two Pocket Scrub Tops, Scrub Tops at Hope this helps! I always search by color for my scrubs..makes it easier to narrow down what I want.
  5. by   UTHSC_Bound
  6. by   monkeybug They seem to have the largest selection of scrubs and they have great prices, too.
  7. by   Twinmom06
    Landau - I just got light lavender pants to go with a multicolored scrub top that has light purple, dark purple, blue and silver in it